Fundraiser Materials Stolen in Longview

A strange theft in Longview has many saying there's a grinch in East Texas. To thousands, the Longview symphony's "Christmas Corner" marks the coming of the holiday season.

Now, trailers full of materials used for that celebration have been stolen. For 22 years people in Gregg County have supported the annual holiday fundraiser called Christmas Corner held every November at Maude Cobb.

"Donations to the symphony to help pay for different things, conductor's airfare, salaries for people in the symphony.  And it benefits our community greatly," says Christmas Corner organizer Cindi Marie Lewis. But this year donations are need more than ever, after 3 trailers full of booth material was stolen, leaving organizers to start from scratch to accommodate the more than 100 vendors that will be at this year's event.

"We were shocked that whole committee was shocked, and we panicked at first.  Really what we're working against is time. Christmas corner is about 2 months away and we have to get about 100 booths rebuilt," said Lewis.

The fundraiser supplements symphony members and contributes around 20-thousand dollars in donations each year. But with the theft, organizers have lost 10-thousand dollars, and have to raise more money to offset their losses.  If you would like to help, you're asked top call fundraiser organizers at 903-736-3785.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.