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Reporter Notebook: Inside the Osama bin Laden Raid

A reporter from our parent company, the Raycom News Network took part in the White House Briefing conference call tonight after the President's announcement of Osama bin Laden's death.

There are some good nuggets of information in the reporter's notes that have not hit the national media yet.

* US team raided the compound in the early morning hours
* Raid took 40 minutes
* bin Laden and 3 others were killed (including bin Laden's son, 2 carriers; including one woman who was used as a shield); 2 others, believed to be women were wounded
* bin Laden's youngest wife was with him at the compound; wouldn't confirm if she was one of the women injured/killed
* No US injuries
* Helicopter "malfunctioned" during raid ... a backup was used for the US Team to escape after mission (called it a helicopter "failure" wouldn't say if it came under fire or not ... also wouldn't say much about the backup ... only that the first chopper was detonated after leaving compound
* bin Laden "resisted assault" ... "killed in firefight" ... wouldn't say if he had a gun or not

* Built in 2005 ... with the purpose of harboring bin Laden
* 2 brothers accused of harboring bin Laden (names not released)
* US found out about compound four years ago; located in August 2010
* Very unique compound ... build on large plot of land ... secluded
* 8x larger than other homes in the area ... off a narrow dirt road
* 12-18 ft. security walls / barbed wire fence
* Internal walls sectioning off parts of the house ... few windows
* No telephone, no Internet
* Compound estimated $1 million
* Compound harboring three families ... including bin Laden and several of his family members

Other background info to note
* Mission heightened in Sept. 2010
* President Obama was in on five meetings since mid-March on the mission (the last one being April 29th when mission was authorized)


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