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Holocaust Day of Remembrance

TYLER, TX (KLTV) –The Holocaust Remembrance Day is an internationally supported event where many take the time to honor the 11 million lives lost. ]

One conservative synagogue held a service open to the public to sread some light on the event.

"With the Holocaust this was a systematic killing mechanism by what many regards to be the most civilized technologically advanced society that existed in Europe at the time," said Rabbi Alan Learner, Ahavath Achim Synagogue.

That's why Rabbi Alan Learner says it's crucial to understand the importance of Holocaust Remembrance Day.

"The message is education of tolerance understanding and realizing that we are human beings and that we all have a choice we can choose to be human beings and we can also make the choice to be animals," Rabbi Learner.

This event isn't something that's just taking place in East Texas, but all over the world.

"Definitely in Isreal this is a very, very significant time all traffic stops everybody gets out of their cars a siren goes off a moment of silence it is a significant part of our history," said Rabbi Learner.

 During the service, six candles were lit to symbolize the six million Jewish people

"It represents generations it represents those who were killed and the reasons why they were killed," Rabbi Learner.
Rabbi learner says the six candles lit during the ceremony will burn for approximately twenty five hours in remembrance.

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