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Storm damage in Hughes Springs

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- Storms hit late Saturday night in the Hughes Springs area, bringing heavy rain, dangerous winds, and hail. The aftermath in Hughes Springs shows a surprise burst that ripped through the area, a surprise to some who saw it coming.

"I saw a funnel cloud coming off of it for sure and it was a tornado , maybe as it was touching down maybe it did not, but I definitely saw a tornado," says Morgan Smith.

"We all formed up at the fire station just as soon as we heard that their might be a tornado headed towards Hughes Springs," says Hughes Springs firefighter Jerry Jones.

In Daingerfield , marble size hail fell, sending drivers scrambling to get their vehicles under cover. Many said the storm gave no warning, and within seconds trees were snapped and power lines were downed.

"It wasn't really loud it was kind of quiet, downpour, lightning came a big mess," Jones says.

 Volunteers spent hours cutting downed trees from county roads. Jones was on duty when he got the call that his home had been hit.

"We've got shingles torn off the roof, a bunch of debris , a lot of trees down," he says.

There were no reported injuries from this storm, and only minimal damage was reported to homes in the area of Hughes Springs.

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