Dryel: "Does It Work?"

When Proctor & Gamble introduced the product, Dryel a few years ago, they seemed to be telling us we could do the impossible. Dryel claims it can clean "dry clean only fabric" in your home dryer. But there's no need to put your fine clothing to the test. That's why we do, "Does It Work?".

Zip it. Steam it. Hang it. One box of Dryel takes care of up to 16 garments. We took three articles of clothing, a rayon dress, a silk tie and some wool pants. The pants have a stain on the leg. It looks like chocolate. Before we do anything else, we'll get Dryel's stain remover to work on that. The stain remover comes with the Dryel starter kit, along with some absorbent pads for the stain removal process, the reusable Dryel fabric bag, and four dryer-activated moist cloths. It's the cloths that do most of the dry cleaning work. To remove the stain on the pants, we placed one of the absorbent pads on the backside of the stain. Then simply dab some of the Dryel stain remover on the affected area. The pad keeps the liquid and the stain from bleeding through to the other side. It looks better immediately, but we won't know for sure until it dries. The Dryel bag is reusable for up to 50 loads. It holds up to 4 garments. We put all three inside with the Dryel sheet and zipped it up. We set the dryer on "high" for 30 minutes and waited. It's very important to pull the bag out of the dryer immediately upon stopping. The makers say prompt removal is your only defense against wrinkles. We made a quick inspection of the leg on the wool pants, and sure enough, the stain was gone. The rayon dress is in great shape. And the tie came out well too. No damage to any of the fabrics. So how does Dryel do it? The makers say the dryer's heat activates the moist cloth to create a gentle "steam cleaning environment" inside the bag. And that steamy environment protects from shrinkage, while at the same time removing odors. The gentle Dryel scent is all that's left. Now is it just as good as dry cleaning? For things like the rayon dress, it probably is. The wool pants, while clean and spot free, likely would have turned out better with a professional, though. The dryer removed some wrinkles, but if low heat ironing is an absolute "no no" on any of your "dry clean only" clothes, you'll probably want to take them to the cleaners. So "Does It Work?" We give Dryel, a "yes".

Dryel works for pretty much any fabric except leather, velvet suede or fur. We paid $9.99 for the starter kit which cleans up to 16 garments. That comes out to about 60 cents per garment. After you buy the starter kit, you can just buy the Dryel cloth refills available in packs of six.