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Fundraiser for Elderville transplant survivor

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- An East Texas community comes together in a big way to help a family overcome medical bills, after a transplant miracle saves their 11 year old daughter. The event was called 'Songs for Stephanie', which helped raise money for 11 year old Stephanie Bassett of Elderville, who's alive after a liver transplant. The Rusk County Youth Expo was packed with folks who wanted to give up their Saturday to help her and her family.

"There are so many people who don't know us at all and they've just out of the goodness of their hearts decided to help us," Stephanie's mother Margherita Bassett said.

Three months after a liver transplant, Stephanie is a normal energetic girl, but her family faces a mountain of medical bills.

"We take care of our own, and this community will come together to support things like this," said event supporter Chad Boatwright.

"I feel about normal. Like how I did before the transplant," Stephanie said.

Bands, food, auction items, everything was donated, much of it by people who didn't even know Stephanie.

"People from all over East Texas that don't know Stephanie and maybe will never even meet Stephanie have given money," event organizer Anna Fulgham said.

Stephanie said thank you by playing Brahms on the piano. The Bassett family even entertained the crowd with a family song.

"Overwhelming. It really was when we first came in and I walked to the tables with all the donated items. It was just overwhelming. She has recovered miraculously fast," Margherita said.

Some had a deep connection with helping others.

"I had a tumor in my left kidney and the people of the community came together they took up money for me in different stores," Boatwright said.

And there was a final message from a thankful family.

"Thank you for coming to help me," Stephanie said.

Organizers were hoping to raise 75-thousand dollars from today's event.

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