Animal Protection League

For some people caring for that beloved dog or cat can be difficult. That's where the new Animal Protection League comes in.

Like many people Genia Everett's passion in life is caring for her family. "These are my babies, my rescue animals are my children," says Genia. One of those babies is Flash. Today is his big day.

"Gotta get your picture taken," says Genia as our cameras get pictures of Flash. Genia has had Flash in her care for months, but that may change.

"Flash was found at the Marshall shelter. He had a very large cist on his back leg. He had a really bad ulcerated eye. We did surgery on that and we saved his eye," says Genia.

Genia is part of the Animal Protection League. It's a non-profit organization that began in Sulphur Springs. Genia helped there but felt she could do more. "When I started doing rescue I just felt like sometimes we were doing such a wonderful job and I'd go back the next day and there were 10 more to take their place and I just felt like you know there has to be something more I can do,"

So Genia helped open this Animal Protection League office in Longview. They offer low cost vaccinations as well as spay and neutering. "This is one thing I can do in my life I constantly am reminded that I'm doing something good."

The League also rescues animals from shelters that otherwise would be euthenized, and finds them adoptive homes.

"He is adorable. I may have to take him without even talking to my husband," says a prospective adoptive parent for Flash.

Then the deal is sealed. For Genia it was all in a day's work but for Flash it's a happy ending. The Animal Protection League is located at 705 Gilmer road in Longview. For more information about any of the services they offer call 903-297-6504.

Amy Tatum reporting.