County Cuts Non-Profits From Jury Donations

There is some bad news for a couple of East Texas charities.

Jurors in Smith county have had the option of donating their "6- dollars-a-day" stipend to certain local and state agencies. On Monday the County Commissioner's Court cut "Prevent Blindness" and the "Smith County Historical Commission" from the list of juror donations.

Prevent Blindness of East Texas Director, Amy Gould says the organization received around $4 thousand a year from juror donations.  "I'm disapointed because it was a good, easy way for us to make money for our branch. But, at the same time I understand. I mean, they had to have some guidelines. There are almost 1,000 non profits in Smith County and sooner or later they were going to have tons of requests coming in, so I understand."

The Court says it made the cuts because neither organization is directly related to the county.