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"It went kaboom on my house..."

TYLER, TX (KLTV)- The storms forced at least one East Texas family out of their home. That's because a tree fell on their house on S. Hill Ave. near Front Street in Tyler.

"The wind blowed the tree and it went kaboom on my house," said Mia Fraire, daughter.

Three-year-old Mia says that's what she heard when this tree fell on top of her roof.

"We heard some crackling  and it sounded like hail at first but it was actually the tree crackling and the power went out seconds before and we were actually looking in the house for the kids to make sure they weren't scared and then all of a sudden we heard a loud crash," Rigoberto Fraire, tree fell on home.

Fraire says he opened the front door to see what was going on outside. Where he saw the other half fall onto the street; taking power lines with it.

"We actually had to leave through our neighbors yard through his house because we couldn't get out through here because we couldn't tell where the power lines were," said Fraire

Fraire says everything happened around 8:30 PM when the storms where making their way through Tyler.

"At that point it was calming down it was still raining pretty hard and you could hear the wind but it wasn't as loud and not as much thunder but still a lot of lightning," said Fraire.

The tree didn't make its way into the home, but caused enough damage to put the family out.

"At this point the roof and I think it burned up the ceiling fan the beds ruined the gutters you can't tell at this point how bad it is," said Fraire.

Fraire says the material things can be replaced, he's just happy no one in his family was hurt during the storm.

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