Power Outage Puts Kids In the Dark

It can happen any time. The power goes out. But if it happens while your kids are in school, a power outage means your kids are stuck in the dark. So far this school year, it's happened twice at Dixie elementary, including this morning. For students at Dixie, it was just another day hitting the books.

"The students were certainly taken care of today, comfortable, and still in a working environment." says TISD Director of Communications Cody Cunningham.

TXU says it's a fluke short circuit that can't be predicted. TISD says, we were ready for it anyway.

"We can't be responsible for what happens outside of the schools or what comes into the schools," added Cunningham. "We can be responsible for the schools themselves."

Parents concerns for their kids safety prompted us to investigate why school remained in session, despite no lights or phones. TISD had an answer.

"We would call them and be proactive and arrange for them to be picked up if we felt they were in an unsafe environment," says Cunningham. "But, in this particular case, we got word from TXU that they were going to have it up in thirty minutes to an hour. They weren't in an unsafe environment. We had all of our emergency precautions in place."

Those emergency precautions include a district wide trauma and crisis plan, to go along with a crisis team at each school. In fact, this marks the fifth potentially emergency situation the district has faced this school year. TISD says, so far so good.