Gas War in Liberty City

Through the summer we in East Texas saw gas prices sky-rocket... And hoped that fall would bring the traditional lower tag to make it easier on our pocketbooks. But two stores in Liberty city decided not to wait and are selling gas as low as it takes to bring customers in.

"This is my 3rd time filling up since yesterday" said customer Ralph Wallace.

"I never thought I'd see a dollar 15 again... never" according to customer Tommy Weaver.

No one really knows who started it but the Kidd Jones Exxon and their next door neighbor Trisha's mini mart Fina, began battling over gas prices last Wednesday... Selling regular for 115 and 113 a gallon respectively... And the customers are loving it.

"Its very hectic... Our business has about tripled... They are coming from everywhere" says Fina store manager Linda Ormand.

With pumps going crazy and money rolling in... How far will it go. But these customers hope that's not for a long time. Bob Hallmark reporting.