Car Dealers Worry About License Plate Law

Car dealers who use license-plate frames to advertise are among those worried about a new state law that may render some of the frames illegal. The law took effect September 1. It outlaws attaching illuminated devices to a license plate, adding emblems to it or obscuring the name of the state on the plate. Promo plates can do that. Although the law affects anyone whose automobile has frames, lights or film coverings that obscure a license plate, it's hitting car dealerships especially hard. The managing partner at one Dallas dealership tells the Dallas Morning News that he has about $10,000 worth of brass and chrome license-plate frames he plans to return. In Tyler, dealerships are preparing to adjust to the law, including Jack King Chevrolet in Tyler.

"We're recommending that we not use these anymore," says sales manager Robert Peveto. "We're not putting them on any of the new ones, and it's a good opportunity to tell anybody who does have them on, probably to take them off."

Violations are punishable by fines up to 200 dollars.

Kevin Berns, reporting.