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Better East Texas: Kilgore Bus Vandals

By Pat Stacey

Five Kilgore High School Seniors admitted to letting the air out of the tires of thirty-nine buses in the Kilgore school bus fleet. This prank cost the district more than three-thousand dollars and a day of classes.

There is a wide range of possible punishment in the case from expulsion to a fine.  While it is probable that these students are slated for graduation in May, it is easy to jump to the penalty of removing them from graduation.  And that may be an appropriate part of their punishment. But wouldn't it be better if the students could use this experience to influence others with the hope of preventing misbehavior by others in the future. 

We hear the constant clang of the peer pressure bell and how our student's peers have the most influence over them. If that is the case, then these busted students need to be compelled to make the rounds at any school that will have them and deliver a message of a hard lesson. 

There is a great opportunity in this case to do some good and the Kilgore Superintendent is faced with making the decision.  Peer pressure and in this case, a peer example will most certainly reach those that might somehow be considering a similar action and it may perhaps prevent this type of behavior and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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