Christmas Shopping Begins Early

There are still 14 weeks until Christmas. But, waiting until after Thanksgiving to begin your holiday shopping is a thing of the past. Many area stores have already begun stocking their shelves with Christmas items. Target began stocking Christmas lights and decorations last night, right next to their school supplies and Halloween items. For Carol E's on Broadway, Christmas items have been on their shelves since July. Shoppers and merchants alike weigh in on the debate, is this too early to think about Christmas?

"I like to get mine done so that I can enjoy Christmas and don't have to work," says Fredna Gabriel outside Carol E's.

"We jut started the school year, so we're just getting off to starting our fall. Christmas seems like a winter thing. I think the weather is part of it, busy getting your Halloween decorations and costumes ready makes you not think about Christmas 'til a little bit later," adds Trish Spitzer shopping at Target.

"They're rushing the season earlier. They just keep rushing it more and more," says Glenn Senesac, also shopping at Target.

"A lot of guests come up to us and say, man that's good that you have this stuff. I need to start shopping for it early and it's kind of a reminder for those other guests that, you know what, I do need to start shopping for Christmas a lot earlier, so I won't have to wait until the last moment and procastinate," says Target assistant manager Nancy Arellano.