Dogs Found Dead in Beckville, Apparently Poisoned

A horrible discovery for an East Texas pet owner who found 8 of her dogs dead and now word the dogs might have been poisoned. It happened in a quiet neighborhood in the small Panola County town of Beckville about ten miles out of Carthage. Beckville is home to about 700 people.

Angela Adams lives a neighborhood where all neighbors know each other well. She believes this is "an act of pure meanness".

Adams has a total of 11 dogs. The two she keeps inside are fine. Eight died and one other "outside" dog appears fine. The 8 dogs, found all over Adams' property, have no visible injuries or wounds.

But Adams believes someone poisoned them. And she's not alone.

The animal remains were taken to an area vet. His preliminary diagnosis is that the animals did die from something they ingested... possibly gopher baits and anti-freeze.

"I found dead dogs all over the place. They were all on the road. They were in the driveway in the grass everywhere, everywhere," says pet owner Angela Adams.

"That's a horrible death for any animal and I really don't appreciate it. I really think it's a terrible thing to do to an animal," said Beckville mayor Gene Mothershed.

"They were good watch dogs they would bark and let you know if anybody was there, but they never bit the mailman never bit the gas man. They were poisoned. They were really good dogs," Adams said.

Local veterinarians have sent blood samples off for analysis to Texas A&M. We should find out exactly what killed the dogs by Monday.