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Passengers talk about Amtrak re-route

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV) - A long night for some weary train travelers coming through east Texas as a derailment forces a lengthy re-route of their train.

Bill and Patricia Elliott of Longview were on the Amtrak passenger train coming back from Fort Worth on a smooth trip Saturday, when they stopped suddenly 50 miles east of Dallas.

"The train stopped for about 45 minutes and the conductor came on the intercom and said there'd been a derailment, they said that we were going to backtrack and we re-routed," said Bill.

11 cars from a freight train had derailed west of Mineola, Amtrak was re-routed back through Corsicana.

"The trip up there was like clockwork, but they pushed us backwards all the way to Corsicana, they passed out some snacks for us , some bottle water they took care of us," said Patricia.

Amtrak hired buses to bring passengers to Longview from normal stops that they had to bypass.

"The conductor warned us when we arrived at the station that there would be a lot of frustrated people there waiting on us," said Bill.

Arriving 5 hours late, the Elliott's say the Longview station was packed, and that's when things got tense.

"There was a large probably 150-200 people trying to gather towards the train, when the people started to rush toward the train the conductor had to sort of stop them, I just knew we needed to get out of their way," said Bill.

No one was hurt in the original derailment. The Elliott's say that Amtrak was gracious and accommodating during the delay, and in spite of the experience they say they look forward to their next train trip.

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