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Longview woman worries for Eastland family

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- One East Texas woman fears for her family who still live in the center of the West Texas wildfires.

Heidee Lail of Longview, has family that has been evacuated and could lose everything they have, and who know a fallen firefighter as a family friend.

"They lost over 3-thousand acres yesterday due to the wildfires in Eastland," Lail says.

Lail grew up in Eastland, her family are hay farmers there and have been devastated by the fires.

"I was just terrified that I was going to lose my family, my grandmother had to evacuate it was very close to her home," she says.

She's watched the reports and seen her childhood landmarks burning.

"Dear god , I just prayed that he'd take control over it," she says.

Volunteer firefighter Greg Simmons died trying to battle the blaze on her uncle John's farm, and he was a family friend.

"It was on my uncles property, there were 3 firefighters that were driving to the scene, they got caught in a bottle neck and it took his car, mister Simmons sacrificed his life and ultimately he gave his life protecting our family," Heidee says.

Parents ,grandparents aunts and uncles, brother, cousins, every member of Lail's family has been effected.

"My families land, and they're standing there watching potentially their homes burn its terrifying, we did have a friend that lost a home," Lail says.

Yet she is thankful her family is alive.

"As dry as it is out there and high as the winds are blowing this could happen again any second, we can replace things , we can't replace our family," she says.

Lail's family has not assessed the financial damage to their hay crop yet. The forest service says it has responded to 95 fires burning more than 700-thousand acres in Texas in the past week.

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