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Running to Boston

By Coleman Swierc

MARSHALL, TX (KLTV) - Natalie Bach-Prather is always on the run.

"After cross country, I realized that you can keep doing this, you dont have to stop after graduation," Natalie said.

For her, life is best spent on the run.

"I get into a zone, I de-stress, if you have a hard day, you go out and run and you feel fabulous," she said.

"I don't know, I guess it is therapy for a very busy person."

Her life, is about to get a bit more hectic.

Two years ago, the ETBU cross-country coach qualified for the oldest race in the world.

The Boston Marathon.

"It is the kind of the race. if you are going to run long distance, this is kind of the goal that everyone wants to get to," she said, "I am kind of young to get to that goal, so it is exciting, plus the fact that my dad has run it has made it important to me."

Nearly everyday you will find Natalie running, by herself, in preparation for the biggest race of her life.

But come Monday morning, she wont be alone any more.

She will be joined on the streets of Boston, by more than 26,000 runners from across the world.

"I think I could just stand there and not even run, and think it is awesome."

" I cannot even imagine getting behind the starting line with all of those people," she said, "I have just seen the pictures and I get all nervous and excited."

And no matter what, when the time comes, she will cross that line and finish a life long dream.

"I will walk it if I have to. I'm going to go for it and have fun and see what happens."

The Boston Marathon starts at approximately 10:30 on Monday morning.

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