Singer Smart Scissors: "Does It Work?"

The Singer Electric Smart Scissors are supposed to be able to cut through almost anything. But we don't take their word for it. This week we put them to the "Does It Work?" test.

Singer claims their Smart Scissors can cut through almost anything. We took them to a local sewing shop to put them through the ultimate test. Katie Hartner is helping us out.

The Smart Scissors take 4 AA batteries. We popped them in and started our test with some fairly thin cotton.

No problem.

Next some canvas. No problem. We doubled it and the Smart Scissors made easy work of that too. Katie even cut some curves to show how easy they maneuvered.

We tried some suede. Single layer. Double layer. No problems. The Smart Scissors didn't even flinch until we tried 4 layers of suede... and it still made the cut.

We tried some turf too. They cut right through it. Finally, the Smart Scissors met their match when we doubled the turf... rubber backing and all.

We cut some old jeans into shorts. The seams of the pant legs offered some resistance, but we made it just fine. Katie says the seam amounts to five layers of denim.

We also successfully cut a paper pattern and clipped some coupons.

Katie liked them. They're not professional grade or anything, but for some of her customers and for the money, Katie says the scissors are a good deal. "I have some with carpal tunnel and Parkinson's. I have some people who are just looking for an easy way to cut for a long period of time. So this would be a good thing for them, in the fact that it will not be a lot of strain on their hand."

So "Does It Work?"

"I think it works. I sure do," says Katie.

We give the Singer Smart Scissors a "yes".

They're available for $9.95 at discount department stores, or online in pairs for $19.95.