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Parents react to J-ville Superintendent's message

JACKSONVILLE, TX (KLTV) – A worried mom called KLTV about a "Columbine-style" plot at Jacksonville High School on Thursday.

Come to find out, the district had been investigating the incident since last Friday. But, most parents didn't find out about the situation ‘til Thursday afternoon, after KLTV pressed the administration about it.

Superintendent Dr. Joe Wardell left a message for parents on Thursday night. In it he said, "A recent report to our JISD Police Department indicated there was a potential safety concern at Jacksonville High School."

Parent Robert Smith has a senior at Jacksonville High.

"I think the administration and the school police department handled everything appropriately for the threat level that it was," Smith expressed.

Wardell's message went on to say no students or staff were ever in jeopardy.

He also noted how he ‘appreciated' his parents and students' confidence in the district.

The message continued, "Safety's always a top priority and we will always take all reports seriously and conduct investigations appropriately. Always feel free to contact us with any kind of questions or concerns."

Amelia Ramirez's son is a tenth grader. She says they should have called the parents right away.

"They say not to worry about it, but you know, you're child is there. Of course you're going to be worried," Ramirez expressed.

Senior Rikki Fulton says she's close friends with one of the three boys removed from campus, and didn't think it was a big deal. Her mom, however, didn't feel the same way.

The District says they did receive phone calls about the message they sent Thursday night.

Sources tell KLTV that three students removed from campus may have been relocated to the district's alternative school facility.

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