Garner Ted Armstrong Dies

His radio show could be heard all over the world, while his television program once reached an american audience of 20-million. Evangelist Garner Ted Armstrong is the founder of two churches right here in the Tyler area. He died Monday at a Tyler hospital of complications due to pneumonia. Garner Ted Armstrong has used radio and television to spread his message worldwide. He as interviewed many world leaders and national figures over the last four decades, and published two books and dozens of articles and booklets. Armstrong founded the Church of God International in Tyler in 1978, after breaking away from his fathers church, the Worldwide Church of God. He then established the Intercontinental Church of God in Tyler in 1998, along with the Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association.

His son Mark Armstrong released a statement which said, "I know that my dad fully expected that his work will continue, and we all have an enormous responsibility to make certain that his work has not been in vain, and that his voice will not be silenced."

Vance Stinson, a Church of God International minister, has known Garner Ted for 15 years and feels his greatest talent was his dynamic speaking ability

"I recall a time when I was scheduled to give a sermon in the local church," says Stinson. "I got away from home, and it was about 20 miles back to my home from where we were meeting, and I realized I had left my notes. I asked Mr. Armstrong when he came in, I said could you possibly take the sermon because I can't do this without my notes. He thought for a few moments and said yeah, I'll do it, and got up and gave a sermon you would think he spent a month preparing. That's just the kind of ability he had."

Inquiries and condolences have been arriving at the Intercontinental Church of God headquarters on highway 155, south of Tyler, from all over the world. Included in that list is entertainer Merl Haggert, who was quoted as saying, two of the most influential people in his life have recently died. Johnny Cash, and Garner Ted Armstrong. Services for Armstrong are scheduled for Thursday at 2:00 at the Croley Funeral home in Gladewater.