RX Depot Says Its Not Going Anywhere -- But It Is Changing Its Name

A Tyler company allowing East Texas seniors to get cheaper prescription drugs from Canada says it's here to stay. The news from RX Depot comes despite reports the FDA was trying to shut it down for breaking the law. RX depot owners in Tyler say they have not received any word from the government they are breaking the law. They say their lawyers have assured them they are not doing anything illegal. Senior customers were thrilled to hear the news and they hope the government will stop trying to take away their only option for cheaper drugs.

"Maybe someday congress will wake up to the fact that they need to do something about pharmaceutical companies in this country," says Terry Kirven.

"They don't seem to be in an hurry to do it because they get re-elected with the help of the pharmaceutical companies," he says.

Some local pharmacists say the government should stop people from buying drugs from Canada. They say the drugs do not meet FDA approval and anyone using them puts their health at risk. RX Depot customers say the medicine they receive is the same as what they would buy here, in the US.

RX depot did say it was changing its name to Canadian RX Outpost effective today.