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A New Law Could Cost You $200

You could be pulled over and fined $200 for a violation you didn't even know existed. New legislation which took effect on September 1 makes it a Class-C misdemeanor to add anything to your license plate which makes it difficult to read. That includes lights, stickers or license plate frames. If it changes the color of the plate, hides any part of the letters or state, you could be busted.

"Whenever we're trying to identify a vehicle, whether it's on a traffic stop, or we're in a pursuit situation, or if a general citizen is trying to , as a witness to a crime of some sort, trying to give us some information on the vehicle or the license plate," says DPS Sergeant Robert Strickland, "we would like to have that information correct and accurate as can be. And if you have anything over the license plate that keeps that from being read, then it does become a factor and it will effect the outcome probably of the investigation."

Drivers will have a little bit of time to make any necessary changes before tickets will be given. The Department of Public Safety says there will be a 90 day warning period.

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