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WebXtra: RAW dash cam video from commissioner's arrest

UPDATE: KLTV 7'S Jena Johnson has watched the video of LaPrade's arrest in its entirety.  The video is about a half hour long.  In it, you see the Canton Police officer administer a field sobriety test on the Van Zandt County Commissioner. 

When the officer first approached the VZ County truck, LaPrade was sitting in the driver's seat of the county vehicle outside the Whataburger.  The officer did not know who was in the vehicle.  The passenger window was rolled down and the officer called to LaPrade and there appeared to be no response.   The officer went to the driver's side window and tapped on it.  LaPrade appeared startled and the truck began to roll backwards. The officer tells LaPrade to stop the vehicle.  LaPrade then rolled down the window.  The officer can be heard on tape telling LaPrade that when they showed up, his, "foot's on the brake and you're passed out on the steering wheel."

The officer asked LaPrade how much he had to drink that night.  On the tape, LaPrade responded that he had about four beers.

Late in the tape, Jena says a woman identified as LaPrade's ex-wife shows up on the scene in an SUV wearing pajamas.  She asks the officer if she can speak with LaPrade for a moment.  She tells the officer, LaPrade was not driving.

Toward the end of the half-hour recording, after LaPrade was placed in the police car, you hear the officer speaking on the cell phone saying that LaPrade had taken a swing at him.  You see the officer in the recording as he mimics the movement he says LaPrade made in an aggressive manner, toward him.

There is then a lot of discussion in this phone call about what to do with the Van Zandt County vehicle LaPrade was found in.

The entire video will be posted momentarily on kltv.com.  A small clip appears now.


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