Senator Bill Ratliff Speaks About The Third Special Session

A day after a third special session opened in the Texas senate, democrats and republicans shook hands on the senate floor in Austin. It's a move to patch things up, publicly at least.

Republican Senator Bill Ratliff still wonders if the two parties will be able to compromise any better the third time around.

Tuesday afternoon the senator traveled home to East Texas for a reception held in his honor at Kilgore College.

Ratliff is the only Republican to take a stand against this redistricting effort; saying a new rule makes bipartisan-ship even more difficult.

"Just during this special session the lieutenant governor has said that we will no longer have the 2/3 rule in the senate. In my opinion the 2/3 rule is the thing that made us a bi-partisan body because it required us to reach across party lines," said Ratliff.

Senator Ratliff repeated his original campaign promise Tuesday not to run for re-election. He also continues to suggest he may even retire before his term is completed.

Amy Tatum reporting.