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Lindale dog paralyzed after being shot

LINDALE (KLTV) - An East Texas family is hoping their neighbor is punished severely after they say he shot their 15-pound dog "Spot," while their children were watching.

The alleged shooting happened on March 1st on County Road 4142 in Lindale.

The dog is paralyzed in her hind legs, likely permanently.

"She'll never have use of her right leg anymore, she has a little use of her left rear leg, but she will be crippled the rest of her life," says Spot's owner, William Tignor.

It was just a normal day for Spot....she went out to greet her young owners, as they got off the school bus.

"She was there waiting for the bus and that's when Chance Wilson shot our dog," Tignor said.

According to eyewitnesses, they heard a shot and saw the puppy drop and begin crawling on it's belly toward home.

Tignor says his neighbor, Chance Wilson, was claiming Spot was a vicious dog that was going to attack his kids, so he shot it.

But Tignor defends his one year old terrier mix puppy, saying she never growls.

Spot survived the gunshot wound, but her lack of mobility will remain with her for a lifetime.

"It entered in her hip and actually hit the vertebrae and shattered along the spine so she was unable to use both her rear legs," says veterinarian Renee Smith.

Tignor says he's hoping his neighbor faces a long jail sentence if he's convicted.

"I hope he stays in jail, the rest of his life, that's what I'd like to see, its what he needs.  He's just a terrible person that has worried everybody on this street," says Tignor.

Chance Wilson was arrested for cruelty to animals and deadly conduct.  He was released on bond from the Smith County jail on April 14th.

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