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Would you like a job with that?

TYLER, TX (KLTV) – The economy is on the move, and McDonald's is taking advantage, and they hope to help you in the process.

The company plans to hire 50,000 workers next week.

April 19 will be known as "National Hiring Day."

It's not about flipping burgers, but creating an opportunity---something Larry Coon did, at one of his first jobs.

"I started 44 years ago as a crew person at the McDonald's in Ithaca, NY. [I] toasted buns on the grill," says Coon.

Now, he and his wife Diane are the proud owners of their very own McDonalds in Henderson, and have been for the last 25 years.

What's even more shocking is the amount of people who share the same story.

Coon says about 50% of McDonald's in the United States are owned by people who were once crew members working behind the counter.

"There's a huge opportunity to work your way up at McDonald's… A lot of the corporate employees have worked their way up; the president of McDonald's started as a crew person. Her first job was French fries," says Coon.

Even here, Coon says he's done his fair share of promoting.

"When I first started, I was basically a grill person. I cooked, I did fries, I worked front counter, and I just worked my way up from there," says Charlie Lewis.

Lewis worked his way all the way up to Assistant Manager, and just like his boss, he says he has plans to own his very own McDonald's one day.

On National Hiring Day, coon says he hopes to share his good fortune with others.

"It's a good job for someone who needs flexible hours, someone who's going to college, somebody who's going to high school, somebody who's a mom at home and wants to have a little extra money, and somebody who's looking for a full time job," explained Coon.

Or someone who may be looking for a new career.

According to Coon, McDonald's will be looking for both full time and part time positions. The average starting pay is $8.30, which is a dollar and five cents more than the national average.

Each McDonald's is looking to hire anywhere from 4 to 5 people.

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