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China King subject of ICE investigation

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - U.S. Immigration, Customs and Enforcement and Homeland Security conducted in investigation in Tyler on Thursday.

China King Restaurant located at 4542 South Broadway in the French Quarter shopping center was shut down for the day while federal investigators processed all the employees.

It started around ten o'clock Thursday morning. ICE officials took pictures and fingerprinted employees, making sure they were all US citizens or in the country legally. The investigation lasted about four hours.

Patrons of the restaurant were surprised, but had similar opinions.

Maria Ramirez said,"  Oh well, I think that if they're here illegally and they're working then they should get a permit and have permission to work so they don't have to fear."

Diane Desharow said, "Those people need to be here legally. If not then they don't belong here. We don't have any objections to them coming, just do it right."

Shortly after two o'clock, the investigators left, followed by most of China King's employees.

According to a manager of the restaurant, none of his employees were detained. The only statement ICE or the US Attorney's Office would release was that this is an ongoing investigation and wouldn't say if anyone was detained.

In the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, ICE has been conducting I-9 Inspections to find out if employers have been hiring without seeing all the proper paperwork. They can be fined if they are violating the law.

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