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UPDATE: Fallen mobile home cleared off roadway

By Jamey Boyum

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - In the last 36 hours, there has been three rollover accidents. Make that four. But, this time it was a mobile home in transport that fell off a trailer on its side.

The accident happened at the intersection of Highway 69 N and Loop 323 in Tyler around 10:45 this morning.

Authorities soon realized they couldn't just pick it up and put it back on the trailer.

Some East Texans have recently discovered they need to slow down a little, and someone else discovered that on Tuesday. A mobile home was mobilizing onto North Hwy 69 when it suddenly became immobile. It broke free of its foundation and landed against a stoplight pole. The light didn't take long to repair, but the trailer was a problem.

I asked one of the truckers a quick question.

"Is it salvageable?" I asked.

"Does it look salvageable?" He answered.

I thought it was a good question. Maybe not. When Absolute Towing realized they absolutely couldn't tow this one, enter Jerry Whiddon of Lindale. It's his job to tear stuff apart. He's been doing it for years, and he thinks he can make fast work of this one.

"I was eating dinner and they called me and I just came to help them out," He said.

Jerry got there around noon and started tearing it up. After pushing it further into the turn lane so police could open up more traffic, he really got after it. It took two portable bins and about two hours, and Jerry had the immobile home down to rubble.

Another hour and another bin and it was down to sweeping. By three o'clock Jerry told me, "Gotta go. Get out of the road."

He's a man of few words, but his actions turned a temporary RV park back into a road.

The trailer was used as a temporary office by the army reserve while they waited for a new building to be completed. it was being taken to Fort Worth.

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