Rodeo Legend Dies In Horse Accident

A legend in rodeo has died. 56 year old Deb Mohon was a world champion barrel racer.

She called Gladewater home but everyone in the rodeo community knew her name.

Sunday she was training a colt when the horse bucked and threw her off. Deb suffered severe head injuries.

Friends and family say Deb died doing what she loved.

Tommy Morse has known Deb all his life. "Everyday I would drive by their house, didn't matter what kind of weather it was, whether it was raining, snowing, hot... she was out working a horse if it wasn't one of her barrel racing horses it was a young horse she was starting," says Tommy.

Her dedication and hard work certainly paid off. She won so many rodeo barrel racing competitions, it's said Deb put Gladewater on the map.

"She was at the NFR for so long from '86 to '96 eleven consecutive times and every time she ran, Gladewater's name was mentioned and millions of people see that. It's really enhanced our rodeo," says Tommy.

"She was just a sweet unassuming, you wouldn't think that she was as famous as she was but she was just a down to earth girl, just a cow girl," Gladewater's mayor, John Paul Tallent, also grew up with Deb. He and others who knew her say her sudden death is a loss to the entire community.

"I'm still stunned things like this happen so fast, to somebody that the last thing you would think of happening to them. Everybody in this business knows the inherit risks. She certainly did too but it still doesn't take away from the tragedy," says Tommy.

Instead of the tragic way she died, Deb Mohon will most certainly be remembered for her first love.

"I think everybody would want to remember her on a barrel racing horse. That's the one thing she loved probably more than anything," says Tommy.

Deb Mohon was also a reserve world champion barrel racer and was inducted into the Colorado Springs Rodeo Hall of Fame in 2000.

Funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock on Wednesday at the Gladewater Rodeo Arena.

Amy Tatum, reporting.