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Mean bees infest Mt. Pleasant home

TITUS COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Bee's may make good honey, but the honey isn't so good when it's stuck in the walls of your home.

Bee keeper Ray Stroman says, "The honey's got going to be any good."

Originally, bee keeper Stroman came out to the bee infested home to get some extra honey, but to his shock, there was no chance these bees were going to share their sweet treat.

"These are real mean aggressive bees and they will find any means they can to get under your veil," says Stroman.

Stroman did get stung a couple times in the process of finding the bees.

Tommy Martin and his family became victims to the bees a couple weeks ago, and since then, they just keep taking the abuse.

Stroman says this is the worst hive of bees he's seen in 25 years.

After gaining control of the situation, Stroman found the secret spot.

"They go in right above the floor here, and they go back in the bottom of the ceiling that separates the second story," Stroman describes.

With no chance of saving the bees, Martin got the go ahead to exterminate.

"After we exterminate them, I'm going to have to go in and get all that hive and wax and all that stuff and clean it up so no other bees get back in there," Martin explained.

Now that the bees are exterminated, Stroman told the Martin's they need to make sure they clean inside the walls completely, and to add moth balls to keep the bees from coming back.

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