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Scrap metal company may face illegal dumping charges

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Authorities say they know who's behind the alleged illegal dumping at a legal dumpsite.

It was a tip from a concerned citizen that led the Smith County Environmental Crimes Unit to MadFos Metals on Hwy 271, just north of Tyler.

That's where investigators say illegal trash was buried beneath scrap metal.

Tires, gas tanks, and a lot of stuff that's not really salvageable---just trash, and so far, there's been nothing toxic found.

But, what has been found is very much illegal.

A track-hoe was brought in to assist the SCECU in excavating hundreds of pounds of buried trash.

"We will be gathering our information and once we get that together, we'll be turning that over to the District Attorney Matt Bingham's office, and we'll just go from there and see what happens," said Deputy Constable Mike Burton.

Besides what they dug up from the ground, we're told authorities got their hands on video-taped evidence capturing the burying on camera.

A neighbor shot the footage, and then reported it.

The main goal of the evidentiary warrant is to find out who's authorizing the dumping.

The owner did show up, asked us to leave.

He opted out of an interview.

We later saw local attorneys drive onto the lot.

They also declined to comment.

"I don't have the feeling that they were hiding anything, but, this is something that we're not going to tolerate, or accept," expressed SMECU Detective Tommy Goodman

The scrap yard was inspected just this past October; it passed and was re-licensed by the county.

The Environmental Crimes Unit is still not sure how long the dumping was going on.

They're not releasing the name of the suspect at this time, until the investigation is complete, but they encourage anyone who sees illegal dumping going on to report it.

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