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Fish kill blamed on sewage

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- Experts believe a fish-kill in Gregg county is was caused by a sewage leak.

The discovery was made around noon Sunday at Triple Creek which runs just off Judson Road and Delwood Street in Longview. Kids riding bicycles made the discovery as they were passing the Triple creek bridge.

"It smelled funny in the water and there's some dead fish that we saw," said 11-year-old Kolby London.

Around 100 fish were found dead near the spillway for the Johnston Lake area, which feeds into the creek.

"It looked like it was a low dissolved oxygen issue I tested the oxygen in the water an it was low, but initially suspected the drought issues," said Gregg Conley, a Pollution Biologist with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Kills and Spills team.

The fish, suffocated.
A mysterious oily glaze was first thought to be the cause.

"They did some testing on the water and determined that there were no petroleum or desolates, based on preliminary testing this is not induced by a chemical spill," said Longview Fire Marshal Johnny Zachary.

But Conley says the real cause was something they didn't expect.

"There was a small sewage release from a manhole nearby," said Conley.

As sewage breaks down it robs the water of oxygen.

"It causes a biological oxygen demand which takes out the oxygen in the water therefor the fish have nothing to breathe," said Conley.

How it happened is still under investigation.

"We want to make sure something hasn't accidentally been spilled or intentionally poured into the water system," said Zachary.

A city crew was called in to clean out the water and the fish from the kill.

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