There Is A Winner!

Over 4 days awake and on their feet. The 'Hands on a Hardbody' contest is over, and one person has walked wearily away with the top prize.

Saturday morning, after 99 hours of competition, three people remained standing. As the hours dragged on, crowds began to gather in support and in curiosity.

Finally a concentration lapse, Tommy Herndon accidentally cupped his hands and was disqualified.

The first prize went to Michael Bowshot after 102 hours and 20 minutes.

"Its a struggle, you've got to have a good pit crew. Without them I couldn't have done this and I just want to say thank you to my family and friends for all the help they gave me if it weren't for them I don't think I would have won this," says winner, Michael Bowshot.

The contest received a global web audience that included Ireland, Canada, Singapore and Australia.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.