Tiger Creek Greet Biker Rally With Open Paws

At Tiger Creek this weekend, there were lions, and tigers, and hogs.

Oh, my.

Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge hosted their second annual Biker Rally, with hundreds in attendance.

"They wanted to have a place where they could host these events and to find a charity they could support," Tiger Creek Executive Director Brian Warner explains. "So we put it together, and it just seemed like a good combination."

"To have Harleys and big cats, it just goes hand in hand."

"We found out the Tiger Foundation was needing a little help, so we thought we'd help them out," says "Boot" of the Steel Riders Motorcycle Club. "Why not get together and raise some money for a good cause, you know?"

What initially seemed like an odd pairing of bikers and tigers has turned out to be a nice marriage. They hope the event raises ten thousand dollars for the wildlife habitat.

"You know it's probably a little strange at first to have our tiger refuge hosting a biker rally," Werner admits, "but then when we start looking at it, the cats are comfortable with it."

The party continued all weekend for the bikers and for the big cats of Tiger Creek, a strange pairing between the wild bunch and the wild things.

Reid Kerr (rkerr@kltv.com) reporting.