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Youngest man to walk on the moon lands in Bullard

By Jamey Boyum

BULLARD, TX (KLTV) - In the history of mankind, only a dozen people have ever done it, and one of them was at Brook Hill School, talking about his experiences as an astronaut. Yes, he wasn't just any astronaut, he was one of the lucky few to actually walk on the moon..more like bouncing, really.

KLTV's mission was to land there, and collect all the samples we could---of astronaut Charlie Duke's presentation, that is.

Thirty-Nine years ago this month the twelfth Saturn V booster pushed three men, and a funky little car, right off the planet. And, Charlie Duke was along for the ride to pilot that boxy looking thing that would get two of the three men to the surface. But first, they had to float for three days. And Charlie admits to feeling a little seasick…or space sick.

"In zero gravity, you do not want to throw up. And you can imagine what would happen with no gravity. It just goes all over the spacecraft instead of falling on the floor like it does down here," he said.

Knowing that, Charlie held it down, then put himself and John Young down, on the moon's surface, while Kenneth Mattingly Jr. was stuck in the command module.

The Students loved it when they heard about the equipment.

"The backpack, spacesuit, everything else I had to put on to stay alive on the moon, I weighed 363 pounds. Up on the moon, though, I only weighed 60 pounds," he said.

"And about four feet off the moon, a little light came on and said contact, and you shut the engine down and dropped down to the moon," He said.

The treatment of the equipment…

"Bouncing along, and off come ten million dollars worth of experiments. Boy was I upset," he said.

The setting on a moon speed record.

"You can see the moon's very rough," He said.

They hit eleven miles an hour. It's in the Guinness book of world records, although I'm not sure how it qualifies. The students got to ask questions after splashdown.

"What type of events did you do in the moon Olympics?" A student asked

"A high jump and a long jump," Charlie replied.

The events were cut short because they were out of time, and soon, so did the students. One young lady did ask if Charlie could do the Moonwalk. He said even though he can still qualify for the Astronaut Program physically, he didn't have to do that.

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