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Tyler man takes refuge on rooftop following chase

Markus Glenn. Photo Source: Smith County Jail. Markus Glenn. Photo Source: Smith County Jail.

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - After taking refuge on a rooftop, a man, police say was running from them, finally surrendered. The brief chase began at the corner of Trezevant and Tenneha in north Tyler.

Police say the suspect, Markus Glenn, climbed on a rooftop to avoid being arrested.

Sitting on a rooftop with his handcuff dangling, Markus Glenn made himself comfortable as police tried to talk him down.

"I'm thinking what is he thinking? I mean it can't be that crucial," said spectator Victor Clark.

For nearly two hours, Glenn stayed on the roof. At times it seemed he was just relaxing. Crowds of people lined the streets, glued to this scene.

"He got a lot of attention though," said Clark.

Police say his motive was to stay on the roof so he could stay out of jail. Glenn was just paroled from prison. Friday morning, police say he was caught with a crack pipe.

"Once the cuff was on him the suspect started to bow up on the officer," said Don Martin, Tyler Police Spokesperson. "There was a struggle. He did OC spray him trying to keep him detained, still struggling. The officers hand got cut up from the other handcuff trying to hold on."

Police say there was a short chase from a street corner up to the top of the house. The homeowner, Rodlfo Castillo, says he woke up to a strange man on his roof.

"He was trying to get into the apartment," said Castillo. "He pushed the door trying to open the window, but he can't do that so he climbed up there."

As police negotiated with Glenn, Castillo listened from inside his home.

"Well he was crying up there. I don't know what kind of problems he had, but he was crying up there," he said.

Finally, police say they got serious; telling Glenn they weren't going to wait here all day.

"Once he realized we were on our way up to put hands on him then he said ok, I'm coming down," said Martin.

This time with both hands cuffed, Glenn was escorted to a police car. The large crowd watching dispersed.

"It's kind of weird," said Castillo. "This never happened to me."

Castillo says it's not everyday you see a man wearing handcuffs on a rooftop.

Glenn faces several charges including causing bodily injury and evading arrest.

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