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Pranksters cause Kilgore ISD to call it a weekend

KILGORE, TX (KLTV) - Students at one East Texas school district are getting an unexpected three-day weekend after a pricey overnight prank. It's a story you saw first on KLTV.

Classes for all Kilgore ISD students were canceled when someone noticed that tires on nearly all of the buses at the bus barn had been tampered with.

Officials are pretty sure that those responsible are Kilgore ISD students.

"Well somebody definitely had a plan when they went into the bus barn, that was their plan to disrupt the school the next day," said Lieutenant Roman Roberson of the Kilgore Police Department.

As workers arrived at the bus barn, they quickly began to realize something wasn't right.

"Our supervisor called, actually got to this morning about 3-3:30 and noticed there were some flats on some buses," said Deputy Superintendent Dennis Williams.

Overall 39 buses had at least two flats on them.

 All of the valve stems were removed and neatly placed next to the tires.

"It definitely took some time, suspects went into the bus barn and removed the valve stems from 39 buses," explained Roberson.

What they did really wasn't that difficult, but it was time consuming, They simply got a valve stem remover that you can get at any auto parts store, and then went from bus to bus removing the valves.

And students are suspected.

"[There's] preliminary information that indicates it's going to be students involved," said Roberson.

Classes were canceled on a day that was added as a bad weather make-up day due to ice and snow earlier this year.

 "Someone really smart had to have done it with taking out the stems and everything, so I thought it seemed like a really weird prank, but really well thought out, too," said Kilgore resident Sarah Powers.

 This prank, if that's what it turns out to be, comes at a substantial cost to the district, and they're still trying to add up the numbers right now.

 "We called in extra maintenance help roadside assistance to try to help us in this situation," said Williams.

 Police say those responsible will be charged with criminal mischief.

No one has yet been arrested, but investigators are confident they know who's responsible.

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