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Gov't shutdown shooting down military pay

WHITEHOUSE, TX (KLTV) - There's still no deal to keep the government running. After meeting late Wednesday night, and again on Thursday, President Obama hasn't been able to work out an agreement with House Speaker John Boehner.

The House passed a measure to keep the government running for one more week, but the President has already said he will veto it.

If that happens, the trickle-down could be felt for lots of us---not just government employees.

The Obama Administration says, "Electronic tax returns will still go out, but paper returns won't be processed. Social security and medicare benefits will also continue to be sent. But, Military personnel won't be getting paid---at least not at first.

One army wife and mom says she's not taking that last bit of news lightly.  

While they war abroad, they'll still rack up their pay in the form of "IOU's."

At least until there is a truce in the war at home between Congress and the White House.

"If we're going to work for the government, maybe the government should work for us too," says Army wife and mother, Carol Freenier.

The army's been Carol's life for the past two decades.

Her husband Command Sgt. Major Steve Freenier first signed up more than 30 year ago.

He's serving his third tour in Iraq, right now.

Her son, Specialist Tommy Freenier just got back from Afghanistan earlier this year.

"We do have a house payment we've never had before...we do have two car payments...we have bills," Carol expressed.

Thankfully, she says, she's better off now than most other young military families.

"They get WIC, and they get food stamps, they don't have a lot of money. So, what are they going to do, how are they going to live," she questioned.

Her husband's military salary is her family's sole income.

"I'm looking for a job right now, just in case," says Carol.

She says she blames Congress for her new sense of financial insecurity.

"I've visited families and soldiers at Walter Reed, who've lost their legs," says Carol. "And they should think about the families that are sitting here waiting for their soldiers to come home. If we're over there fighting for our freedom, pay us for it."

And, she says, paycheck, or none, her husband took a vow---an oath. "That's his job, and regardless, he's going to do his job. That's what we do---that's what soldiers do."

Carol and her family will continue to make the sacrifices they're too used to.

Representative Louie Gohmert posted the following statement on his Facebook page on Friday, April 8, 2011:

We had a conference of all the Republican Representatives in the House this afternoon. Apparently, an agreement is still possible, and discussions are continuing this afternoon.

Regarding the military... it is clear that the best thing to do is completely fund the military and all its needs through the rest of the year and that has been the Speaker's position. I relayed to the Speaker and all of the conference that I had just spoken to Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison concerning the companion bill in the Senate. She has stated there are 70 Senators ready to vote for the bill immediately in order to ensure our military is paid on time.

However, a bill like this is normally required to pass the House first. The Speaker is very sensitive to that fact and is considering bringing it to the floor today if an agreement to fund the entire military budget for the year is not reached soon. The pressure is fortunately mounting now on both sides to take care of those who are fighting for us.

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