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East Texan rushes to rescue elderly man from burning truck

KILGORE, TX (KLTV) - An East Texan rushed to rescue an elderly man, who was trapped in a burning truck.

Drivers noticed the smoke from the wreck Wednesday evening on Hwy 259 near Leech Street in Kilgore.

Making things worse, the elderly man was already having trouble walking because of surgery. 

As the truck erupted in flames, several motorists drove by, but not Barry Tyndell.

"[I saw a] plume of black smoke and I pulled up and I see that the truck had flames coming out of the bottom of it," recalled Tyndell.

Clifton Cameron, 75, of Kilgore, had just had leg surgery and couldn't get out of the burning truck.

"I never had an accident, that's the first big one I ever had," says Cameron.

"I think he was kind of in shock and confused a little bit," Tyndell says. 

Another motorist tried dousing the flames with a fire extinguisher, while Tyndell, without hesitation, opened the door to the burning truck and carried Cameron out.

 "I just kind of leaned down and picked him up took him across the other side of the road here and sat him down," he explained. "I saw all the flames I thought I can't let this guy sit here, if it blows up I couldn't live over that."

Tyndell says there was no debate in what he was going to do.

I just saw an elderly man trapped in his vehicle; saw a situation that didn't look right. It was the right thing to do," Tyndell expressed

 "I was impressed, I know he's a good guy, it's just nice to see people helping people---total strangers," says Tyndell's friend Jason Gongre.

 Tyndell says he was stunned to see how many people just drove by.

"There was 2 or 3 vehicles in front of me that passed it," he explained.

The man and his rescuer never exchanged names, but they'll never forget each other.

Cameron did not suffer any major injuries in the wreck.

He is now resting at home.

Cameron's family plans to say a formal "thank you" to Mr. Tyndell.

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