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Advocates seek legislation after dog seizure

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- The latest seizure of dogs at an East Texas puppy mill has animal welfare advocates calling for a state law to stop the problem.

Rescue workers are caring for nearly 200 dogs, who were found in terrible conditions at an alleged puppy mill on Joe Davis Road in Marion County on Tuesday. The dogs suffered from mange, tumors, and some even had their teeth filed down.

"This is the perfect case to support puppy mill legislation they have a tremendous number of animals out there in horrific conditions imaginable," says Longview attorney and animal welfare advocate Kelly Heitcamp.

Many of the dogs were kept in filthy conditions, some were being kept in above ground cages or crates.

"These animals in Marion County had not had any veterinary care , they've not been spayed they've not been neutered," Heitcamp says.

Texas House Bill 1451 would target abusive breeders and animal welfare advocates like Heitcamp want people to support it.

"Milling in animals is a huge problem in Texas and the timing of this although horrific is appropriate considering House Bill 1451 the puppy mill bill is pending in committee," she says.

And cleaning up operations like it, are draining organizations like the SPCA.

"If this is not stopped we don't have legislation to stop this, these people are going to run out of money," says Heitcamp.

"If people don't take this seriously and these folks behind this are not held responsible, then these rescues will be called in a second time to rescue additional animals from the same perpetrators, this bill is expected to pass but a case like this in Marion county certainly bolsters it," she says.

Similar legislation against puppy mills have been passed in Oklahoma and Missouri. House Bill 1451 is currently in committee in the Texas legislature.

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