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Protesters want Confederate flag to fly again

PALESTINE, TX (KLTV) - Protests about a Confederate flag turned ugly in Palestine Wednesday morning. Just two days ago, city leaders in Palestine voted to take down the flag. Now, protesters have demanded the flag go back up.

What started as an argument on whether a Confederate flag should fly over the Anderson County Courthouse quickly escalated. Protester Bill Peeler said he waved the Confederate flag Wednesday morning to make a point.

"My message is feds out of Dixie," he said."

Among the dozens of protesters, was a ten-year-old boy, William Peeler. He said he skipped school to fight for his freedom, his heritage and to disprove what some think of the flag he honors.

"I heard it's racist, but it's not," said William.

A symbol of freedom to some; a symbol of oppression to others.

"What would I, as a black person, pledge to a Confederate flag?" asked an onlooker. "To me, it's scary because I grew up here and I went through segregation and I went through all those things and what they're doing now, I can just see those things coming back."

"The history is there," said Rashad Mims, Anderson County Commissioner. "They fought for something they believe in. So? Put it in a museum where it rightfully belongs."

That's why Anderson County Commissioner Rashad Mims said he voted against the flag flying in the county.

"That's bulls***," said a protester. "We ask for one month is that too much? Is that too hard?"

The protesters drew a small crowd of people watching from across the street. 

History's war clearly drawing battle lines, today.

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