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Live eagle cam captures attention of East Texas students

LONGVIEW (KLTV) - Animal science is not part of the curriculum in Mrs. Millikin's sixth grade science class at Pine Tree Middle School.

But don't tell her students that.

"I had no idea that their nest weighed one and a half tons, so I was just blown away," 6th grader Benjamin Judkins said.

"The babies take 35 days to hatch, and also they can't fly yet," 6th grader Teya Jordan said. "Science is my favorite subject in school right now."

The live camera bald eagle camera in Iowa may be a big part of it. Mrs. Millikin said she never thought she would get this kind of reaction when she first pulled up the camera in class.

"The kids just went nuts over it," Millikin said. "They were just so inquisitive about everything that was happening."

So inquisitive, in fact, they've stumped their teacher.

"They asked me, 'How do they stay under there without suffocating?' And I still haven't figured out that question," Millikin said.

And she doesn't have a whole lot of time to do research on her own, because the kids are asking her questions even when they're not in class.

"They would come by the classroom, poke their head in the door, and say 'Mrs. Millikin, has the egg hatched yet?' And if I said yes, they'd go down the hall saying, 'The egg hatched, the egg hatched!'"

And in addition to the classroom, and the hallway, the learning is happening at home.

"I like if I see them in school, and they're not quite hatched yet, but they're getting there, and I get home, and go to, and see them ... and they're all hatched," Judkins said.

You can see what the kids are seeing! Just click here to take a look at the live camera from Iowa.

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