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Gift of Love: William and Johney

A little competition on the bowling lanes with William and Johney and good thing for me they had the bumpers up! These two brothers need a family to call their own. 12 year old William places a family and home in his top three wishes.

"To have a good family, to have a nice house and a good car," William said.

When it comes to school William is in the 5th grade, where he makes A's, B's and an occasional C.

He likes art because it allows him to, "create stuff" William said.

He also likes social studies but math not so much. William receives some special assistance in English and reading. He does well with one on one attention and will at times seek out that attention in negative ways. When it comes to Williams future, he wants to join the Marines.

"To fight for our country," William said

Here's something you would never guess about William, his favorite food is spinach! When it comes to his family, William would love brothers and sisters. He also looks forward to doing family things.

"Go out on outings and stuff and just have fun, " William said.

William loves his brother Johney and hopes the two can find a family together.

As for our bowling game, time after time, Johney put William and I to shame with some amazing and unbelievable bowls. Johney is in kindergarten and he too does well in school. His favorite time is recess! This 6-year-old is very talkative and happy. Johney says he has a lot of friends at school!

Johney's favorite food is chicken, "Chicken and Dumplings, yummy! I ate it before," Johney said.

Like most younger brothers, Johney looks up to William. Some of Johney's favorite things are working on art projects, being with his friends and playing.

"Play, play games," Johney said.

After two stays in foster care, William and Johney are ready to have some permanency in their lives. They hope their forever family will see this story and be willing to step forward and show them the Gift of Love.

If you'd like to know more about William and Johney you can call our Gift of Love hotline, toll-free, 1-888-KIDS-275.

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