East Texans Remember 9/11 With Emotional Service

On this day two years ago, the worst terrorist attack on American soil. Today, in East Texas, there were prayers for the victims of 9-11; and the resolve to be better prepared, and to not take any day for granted.

"I think it will be a reminder to us all of how important our families are and how we need to work together as a a team." said Sarah Long, who took time out of the day to remember.

This day will forever be a reminder and a chance to look forward. Where we've been, and where we're going.

"It's a tragedy and a sign of unity all at the same time because it brought our nation together like it hasn't been in a generation," said Chris Moore of the Tyler Police Department.

From the new generation's Pearl Harbor, many folks are making 9-11 a chance to look inward, and to become grounded in what's important.

"Personally what it means to me is having a closer walk with the Lord, and life is precious and take advantage of that, and more than that just thankful to be in a free country," said Harvey Tanner.

"I think we're doing right. If it were one of my family members there, I'd want justice and i would want them to fight as hard as they could," said  Ramona Gonzalez.

With a prayer, these folks resolve to never forget, and always be on guard.

"This never never to happen again to any of our families, not in the United States, this shouldn't happen anymore."