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Online video competition: Add, vote, and compete with your videos

By Annette Falconer –bio|email

Making home videos, posting them to the web, and watching the views is fun. But what if you could actually compete your video versus another video? One East Texan has invented, what he believes, could be the next big thing, a way to have an online video competition.

"You can upload that video and you can battle it against other videos, other skate boarders are battling other skateboard tricks, and you put them up head to head, and the public votes to see who's the best," says John Morgan, the creator of the "Till it Drops" web site.

Linda's, John Morgan, says his favorite past time was to make home videos, which sparked him to launch "Till it Drops".

"I just wanted to give opportunity, opportunity for artists, opportunity for musicians, or opportunity for people like myself, who just producing stuff like videos," says Morgan. He then invites everyone to join in the video challenge. "I think everybody should upload every video that you have, there's no cost, and just wait and see if you get an email, wait till you get an email of somebody who thinks they're better than you of whatever you put up."

JB and The Moonshine Band, from Tyler, has already began their posting to the site.

"It's a great tool for people like me, who just want to gage, what they're doing," says JB Patterson.

Having success in his band already, JB says he sees "Till It Drops" as another avenue to open up more opportunities.

"The further this thing goes, and the more people that get involved in it, the bigger and better it's going to be," says Patterson.

Once you go to Till It Drops web site, find a video you want to compete against, select the amount of time you accept the votes, and the competition has begun!

Morgan says, "We want our East Texas family to get on tonight and upload every video they've got to test the boundaries of Till It Drops to see where the glitches may be, so we can hard launch to everybody else in the world, a few months from now, with really cool people on it already."

The web site is:

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