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Confederate flag in Anderson County removed after city meeting

PALESTINE, TX (KLTV) - A Confederate flag is no longer flying over the courthouse in one East Texas town.

Last week, the Anderson County commissioner's court voted to fly the Confederate flag below the American and Texas flags on the courthouse lawn, but some in Palestine took offence.

The Palestine City Council met Monday night to discuss their options.

The mayor of Palestine said at first he thought the Confederate flag was an April fools joke, but it was no joke. It was flying on their courthouse lawn and had been since Friday. And Monday night the mayor asked the county to take it down.

Mayor, Bill Herrington said, "I drove up Saturday to look at it and the first feeling that came to me was one of embarrassment."

Mayor Herrington says the Confederate flag was fueling feelings of racism and shame, and the flag didn't belong flying on the Anderson county courthouse lawn.

"In a museum is where I think location for a flag that represents a government that no longer exists." Born and raised right here in Palestine, Vivian Elliott Bailey said seeing this flag brings back painful memories. "It hurts. It hurts me that my family worked as hard as they did in this community, my mom, my dad."

Vivian said she is angry thinking about her father who worked in that courthouse, and how he would feel now that a confederate flag flies here.

The County says they never meant to hurt anyone. They say the flag was there to honor those who fought in the Civil War.

NAACP president Kenneth Davidson feels the only thing it was honoring was racism.

"You don't have to honor by putting this flag up. You know we have no problem with you honoring, celebrating your history, your heritage or anything like that, but celebrating this flag up here no, it brings up all that racism here."

The mayor addressed his concerns to the county, Monday evening...and the Confederate Flag was taken down. It is no longer flying over the Anderson County courthouse.

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