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Only on 7: 4-year-old wanders away from Tyler day care

TYLER, TX (KLTV) -  A Tyler couple says they are forever grateful to a complete and total stranger, after she found their 4-year-old son walking, alone on a busy street.

The boy was picked-up walking near Austin Elementary, shortly after 7 Friday morning. He had been dropped off at day care, but somehow he made it back outside.

"Lady pulled up, she said, ‘Are you Chris,' I said ‘Yes ma'am,' she said, ‘I got something that belong to you,'" recalled father Chris Mims.

That's how Chris found out his 4-year-old son was nowhere near North Moore Learning Academy, where he'd left him.

"When she came to the door, I said, ‘Here's Christian… I'm bringing him to day care… I'll be here to pay you this evening,'" says Chris.

And Chris shut the door behind him.

Half an hour later, Chris says a woman he'd never seen before drove up in a black SUV.

"She opened the back seat, he got out the back seat, and I'm like, ‘Please tell me this lady work for the day care,' that's all I could think of. She said, ‘No, I picked him up walking,'" recalled Chris.

The owner of the daycare was out of town when KLTV dropped by on Friday. She didn't want to talk to on camera, but she spoke to KLTV over the phone. She says she was very upset when she learned what happened. Apparently one of her employees was inside with the four-year-old, and another child, and apparently, the four-year-old walked straight out the front door, down the steps and into the street.

"I'm asking him questions and he said, ‘Dad, I was scared...she was asleep. I was scared,'" says Chris. "He was able to tell her that his dad worked for Texas College."

Chris immediately called his wife who spoke to KLTV at her attorney's office. She didn't want her face shown.

"I had to call them to inform them that my child was not at the daycare," she said. "I put my trust…. That's my life."

The 4-year-old is back to doing what 4-year-olds do.

The family is looking for another day care.

"And you still don't know who that woman is… I'm trying to find her, I can bless her, hug her, say something to her," she expressed.

Along with the Good Samaritan who drove off after reuniting the Father with his son.

Other children were checked in to the day care, later Friday morning.

It's not known whether their parents were made aware of the situation, or if that day care worker is still employed there.

The parents would love to personally thank the mystery woman who found their son and kept him safe.

If you know who that is, or if it's you, please contact KLTV (903) 510-7777.

No corrective action has ever been taken against North Moore Learning Center by the Texas Department of Family Protective Services.

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