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Neighbors: Retribution may have led to arson in Longview

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Neighbors say retribution may have led to an arson in Longview.

The fire broke out Wednesday afternoon, destroying a house on Oden Street.

No one was inside the fire, and it turns out, the owner of the house was in jail.

Investigators say they have eliminated all possibilities of accidental fire in this case, and they feel that someone in the neighborhood may very well know not only who was involved , but more importantly, why it happened.

More than 20 firefighters and three engines were needed to put out the fire. 

"We know this fire was set intentionally and right after the fire was set, some subjects were fleeing the scene on foot," says Longview Fire Marshall Johnny Zachary. "We have ruled out all causes other than it was intentionally set."

Neighbors, while startled, were not surprised. House fires are not uncommon on Oden street.

Neighbor R.J. Miller says, "Tragic scene what happened yesterday, but it comes with the territory over here you can see its kind of ran down and a haven for that type atmosphere."

The listed resident is currently serving a jail term for drug possession.

The street has a reputation for drug and gang activity, and neighbors feel the fire may have been retribution.

"Somebody getting greedy. Somebody wants something, you know what I mean, they don't want to get out there and make an honest wage, so they go out and they want to make it the way they know how," says Miller.

What investigators need now is an accurate description of those people seen fleeing the scene just before the fire started.

So far, Investigators say although neighbors did spot people running from the home just before the fire started, no one has come forward with any descriptions of those people.

If you have any information, you are asked to call Longview Police. 

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