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Cherokee Co. business owner robbed twice in 48 hours

JACKSONVILLE, TX (KLTV) - The owner of two Cherokee County convenience stores is now dealing with two different robbers in just 48 hours.

As of Thursday evening, one suspect is on the loose, the other behind bars.

The first burglary happened early Tuesday morning at a Hot Spot store off Hwy 69 in Mt. Selman.

The second, happened last night at another Hot Spot store off Hwy 69 in Jacksonville.

Authorities do not believe the robberies are connected, despite the close timeline.

One of the store clerks found himself at the robber's mercy.

Wally, the store clerk on duty during the robbery says he was shocked and scared when he learned the other spot was robbed at gunpoint.

And as you see in the surveillance video, Wally remained incredibly calm, which is why Police say he did everything right.

Calm and collected; Wally has been in this situation before.

As the masked man waved his knife around, spatting out orders, Wally says he did the only thing he could do---listen.

"Take all your K2 out, and put all your K2 in the bag," the robber demanded.

Outside, multiple security cameras catch the man casing the building prior to the robbery.

In one shot, you can see his face, but Police have not been able to put that face on one of their mug shots.

Richard Warren, 21, was caught minutes after Police say he robbed the Hot Spot in Jacksonville at gunpoint Wednesday night.

"He had requested that he get all large bills and no small bills. The store clerk at that time advised him that she had made a money drop. She didn't have any many. He made a threat that if she kept lying he would kill her. At that point, she just opened the register and took all the paper money out," says Detective Daniel Franklin.

Franklin says Warren ran across the street into the woods where he was arrested.

In his shoe, Police say they found 770 dollars in cash.

He says both clerks did the right thing.

"We never encourage anybody to try to fight back or put themselves in harm's way to try to protect the money. It's a lot easier to just give it up and then eventually try to find these people and try to get the money back and in this case it worked out well."

As police try to find the other suspect, the owner hopes his stores will no longer be a hot spot for thieves.

Warren is being held in jail on a $150,000 bond.

Police say for the time being they have stepped up their presence in this area.

Patrols have also been stepped-up around the Hot Spot in Mt. Selman.

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